A Stolen Paradise by Howard Johns is a useful, comprehensive resource for movie fans, scholars and tourists alike, who will be informed of the remarkable circumstances surrounding the making of The Night of the Iguana – one of the most exceptional films in living memory – and its impact on the vacation resort of Puerto Vallarta.



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Although there has been a steady output of books dealing with numerous aspects of Hollywood, there are no books that discuss the making of The Night of the Iguana in the complexity and detail that is to be found in A Stolen Paradise.  With its plethora of controversial, real-life characters – Tennessee Williams, John Huston, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, and Sue Lyon – and an exotic tropical setting, A Stolen Paradise provides a remarkable glimpse of Hollywood movie making and its effects on the people and culture of Mexico.



IMG_20160427_083506Puerto Vallarta is among the top ten most visited beach destinations in Mexico.  In 2011, there were 3.5 million tourist arrivals to Puerto Vallarta on 400 domestic and 730 international flights.  (More than 300,000 visitors were American cruise ship passengers.)

There are approximately 1 million US citizens living in Mexico, says the State Department. Of this number, 35,000 US and Canadian citizens reside in Puerto Vallarta.  Many residents, who are retirees, age 65 and over, remember The Night of the Iguana with affection and are eagerly awaiting publication of this book.


If you’re one of the 225 million people in the USA and Canada that go to the movies each year or enjoy watching movies on television, then you’re probably already a fan of some of the characters in A Stolen Paradise.  But did you know which actors portrayed these stars on the screen?  Here are a few…

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John Huston stampThe potential readership for Howard Johns’ forthcoming book A Stolen Paradise is international.  People around the globe have a natural curiosity about the rich and famous, especially such icons of glamour as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Ava Gardner.

Some examples of active fan clubs are:,, and  There are also several tribute sites offering email newsletters through membership subscriptions. For example: Ava Gardner Museum, Smithfield, North Carolina (; Deborah Kerr: Personal Collection (; and Gabriel Figueroa (

The achievements of John Huston, Tennessee Williams and Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, who photographed The Night of the Iguana, are known worldwide by film aficionados.

In 2013-14, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art held a photographic tribute to Gabriel Figueroa, entitled “Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa – Art and Film.”

In 2012, the US Postal Service honored John Huston with a stamp, and Tennessee Williams was honored with a stamp in 1995.

Tennessee Williams stamp


A large iguanaIGUANA FACTS

Iguanas are popular household pets. But did you know these prehistoric lizards are related to dinosaurs?

Iguanas are social creatures; they live in large groups.

Iguanas are vegetarians; they eat plants, fruits and flowers.

Iguanas can grow up to 6 feet and weigh 20 pounds. They have defensive spiked tails that repel their enemies.

Iguanas have a third eye on top of their heads which allows them to sense danger from predatory birds.

Iguanas are good swimmers. They can also hold their breath underwater for 30 minutes.


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